My name is Charles King.

I arrived with the decision to invest in my website business as a professional handicapper after some rather disappointing trials with paying other so called “professional handicappers” during 2006. Armed with these pro picks, I lost all my built-up bankroll in one quick month. I was disappointed and also rather embarrassed that I had allowed this to happen. In 2007, I won a poker tournament and decided to invest $4,500 in my sport book account again. Built my sport book to a healthy bankroll within a year. But I hadn’t given up trust in these paid handicappers. I paid for a service from a different professional in 2008. This time my guard was up. Yet again I had a significant loss. However, this time I didn’t lose my whole bankroll. It was a costly lesson, but it built confidence with my skills.
I want to pass on sharing this knowledge with others that participate on sport wagering betting. Which leads you to my website where I can offer reasonable pricing. My MISSION is to guide and teach bankroll management and pick daily winners.

To find out how I can help you, feel free to contact me at 1 705 994 2900 or send me an email and I’ll get back to you promptly. My mission is to show you that “Investing is a Marathon, NOT a Sprint”. Also there is money to be made on sports betting.

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Charles King

To help you understand how this industry evolved in my life, I will share a little background info. I became quite interested in sports wagering in a more serious way in 2010. While deployed to Afghanistan with the Canadian Forces I used any down time reading books to acquire a more in depth knowledge of percentages and recognizing value in games ie. Game total over/under, team totals, or on spreads. Upon my return, I opened three different sport book accounts and deposited $1,500 into each site with a total investment of $4,500. Over the next few years I managed to build my bankroll to approximately $8,000. Also, I achieved my GOALS paying my annual golf memberships and also paying my car insurance yearly whilst maintaining and growing my sports bankroll.
I decided to pay $250 dollars US funds from another pro service (30days) at the beginning of Dec 2016. However I wanted to compare my picks to his. I didn’t use his picks or advice on how much to wager per game. Guess WHAT, the so call pro would have lost $10,500 in one month. My performance with proper bankroll management I profit $800. I came to believe that these pros where only interested in their monthly fees… period!!! I know there are some knowledgeable sports handicappers out there. However, they are hard to find also VERY expensive. I want to offer you so much more for less $$$$$$.
If you made it to the end of my bio, thank you!

Investing is a MARATHON not a SPRINT!!!!

To be a WINNER hang out with WINNERS. Join the site – Any questions, call me at 1 705 994 2900 or contact me here.

All the best – Charles King

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