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I want you to win.


To be a WINNER hang out with WINNERS.


You win I win.

The Philosophy Behind King Handicapper’s Services:

1. Charles has been providing winning sport picks since 2010. Contact Charles King here or call 1 705 994 2900.
2. We’ll also discuss the Max wager amount that YOU feel comfortable with.
3. We’ll talk about goals ie. Want to make enough to take a vacation once a year or pay for golf membership or/and pay for monthly condo fees. So, you as my client understands your goals with regards to my services.
4. If you do not have a site to bet on I can recommend legitimate sites. For example: Sports Book Review
5 I’ll be hosting a FREE one day sport pool(s) on a monthly basic with details and prize to be announced.   It will be posted on the website under pools tab and on Facebook add me.
6 Royal clients will receive the picks via email as soon as Charles finds value in a game daily. So, you may have up to 1-5 emails a day stated by 1 Star, 2 Star or 3 Star wagers. Picks are ranked on a 1 – 3 stars rating. The stronger Charles feels about a game, the higher the Star value he assigns to that game. NEVER bet more than 10% of your bankroll!
The key is to stick to the system. You are investing!

7. The King Handicapper’s Slogan: “Investing is a MARATHON not a sprint”.

Please check out my YouTube Videos and feel FREE to subscribe to the “King Handicapper” Channel because I’ll be giving out FREE picks on You Tube and on Facebook.

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